Friday, September 5, 2008

Recovery of 145P/Shoemaker-Levy

M.P.E.C. 2008-R06, published on 2008, September 1, announces the recovery of 145P/Shoemaker-Levy. This periodic comet has been recovered by the Siding Spring observatory on 2008, Aug 04.55491 and 26.56107. We performed some indipendent observations of this object in the course of our own search for its recovery, along three consecutive nights (2008, Aug, 26.54329 to Aug. 28.57171) remotely, through a 0.30-m f/5.8 reflector + CCd of the Skylive-Grove Creek Observatory (Australia).

In our stackings the comet appears as a featureless, stellar object, about magnitude 19, slowly moving in the southern constellation os Microscopium.

Our mosaic is available here (details on image):

G. Sostero, P. Camilleri and E. Guido

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