Monday, December 15, 2008

Meteor Camera and one nice fireball

A couple of months ago we started to work on an automatic meteor detection system to be installed in Castellammare di Stabia, Italy. A special camera is linked to a software for the automatic detection of video meteors. More details about the setup in a next post.

On the very first evening, our meteorcam recorded this nice -4 magnitude fireball. The fireball appeared over Castellammare di Stabia at 21:51 local time of 07 December 2008:

by Ernesto Guido


Charles Bell said...

Nice fireball.
I am waiting to read about your setup. Carl Hergenrother sent me some details on his setup and I;m thinking about trying this out.

Team said...

Charles, thanks for your comment.

We are triyng the setup and we'll write another post in the next days. In the meantime few details about our meteorcam: Watec 902H2 Ultimate + Fujinon lens + Metrec software.