Saturday, August 8, 2009


Cbet No. 1899 issued on 2009, August 07th announces the discovery by K. Nishiyama and F. Kabashima of a possible nova (magnitude at discovery 7.7) in Sagittarius on two 60-s frames on Aug. 6.494 and 6.495 UT using 105-mm f/4 lens + unfiltered CCD.

The Nova position:

R.A. = 18h07m07s.67, Decl. = -33d46'33".9 (equinox 2000.0)

Independently the same nova has been discovered by All Sky Automated Survey (ASAS) with a telephoto lens 200/2.8, diameter 70 mm + CCD + Johnson V filter.

G. Pojmanski, D. Szczygiel and B. Pilecki of Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory reported ASAS discovery on vsnet-alert 11369. According to ASAS images, the new object was V=7.78 on August 06, 2009.

Asas light curve and images are available here:

Credit: ASAS

Nova Sagittarii 2009 no. 3 has been confirmed spectroscopically as a nova by M. Fujii (Fujii Bisei Observatory, Okayama, Japan). The object shows Balmer series emission lines and Fe II emission lines. The FWHM of Halpha emission is 2300km/sec.

by Ernesto Guido


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