Friday, April 11, 2008

Possible Nova in Cygnus

Prompted by an alert note published on the Central Bureau's unconfirmed-objects webpage about a possible nova in Cygnus, today we performed some follow-up of this object through a 0.25-m, f/3.4 reflector + CCD remotely, near Mayhill (NM).

We can confirm the presence of a relatively bright counterpart at coordinates:

R.A. = 19h43m01s.98, Decl. = +32o 19'13".5 (equinox 2000.0; UCAC-2 catalogue reference stars):

Our multicolor photometry provides the following values: 2008, Apr. 11.36, B= +8.06, V= +7.54, R= +7.04; 2008, Apr. 11.46, B= +8.20, V= +7.77, R= +7.15 (accuracy +/- 0.05 magnitudes in each color).

by Giovanni Sostero & Ernesto Guido

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