Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Kamil Impact Crater in Egypt

An Italian-Egyptian team reported in July 22nd's edition of Sciencexpress, their detection in southern Egypt of an impact crater 45 meters in diameter and 16-meter-deep with a pristine rayed structure. Italian researcher V. De Michele, first found the crater in February 2009 during a Google Earth images survey. After that, an expedition was arranged to the area where this surprisingly "fresh" crater is located. In the area surrounding the crater the researchers found many tons of meteorites confirming the impact nature of this crater.

Newly discovered Kamil crater in Egypt

Largest recovered mass (ca. 80 kg!) at Kamil Crater

Including Kamil Crater, to date we know of only 176 impact craters on Earth's surface of which only 15 are less than 300 meters wide. This is due to erosion. The small craters lost their features and become unrecognizable. The Kamil crater is an exception because this is an extremely "fresh" impact crater and it escaped severe weathering (Italian-Egyptian researcher estimates the age at less than 5000 years). It is so well preserved that the radial streaks of ejecta thrown out during impact are still visible (usually these streaks are visible only on impact crater formed on body without an atmosphere and so with no weathering).

Due to its peculiarities this discovery is particularly important to better understand the impact science and to better assess the frequency of asteroid impacts on our Planet.

This is the official website of the Kamir Crater with more info and photos:

by Ernesto Guido


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Current preliminary estimates suggest that it happened no more than 5,000 years ago.


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