Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bright Sungrazing Comet on 13/14 November 2010

A new bright comet diving into the Sun has been discovered on Nov. 13th by Masanori Uchina using the images taken by SOHO spacecraft. This object belong to the famous Kreutz-group, a family of sungrazing comets that are named after German astronomer Heinrich Kreutz who first studied them in the details. These comet fragments passes extremely close to the Sun at perihelion and usually they completely evaporated during such a close approach.

Several sungrazing comets are discovered each year in SOHO images, many of them are very small and faint while sometimes some bigger and bright fragments arrive in the proximity of the Sun.

As expected, this sungrazing comet has not survived the close encounter with the sun.

C2 Image - November 14 ,2010

(Credit : SOHO)

C2 Movie (click to see a bigger version)

(Credit : SOHO & Spaceweather)

You can read more details about other recently 2010 bright SOHO comets here:

by Ernesto Guido

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